Bruce Glasberg – Leader, Trombone
Bruce was born in Bronxville, New York and grew up on Long Island. He began playing trombone in 4th grade, and hasn't stopped. Bruce moved to L.A. for nine years, then fled to Sarasota, FL. Over the years he has performed with Big Night Out, Strangeways, and Amandla Tunesmith (Florida), Undercover Funk and Romero Brothers (New York), Midnight Swingers, Flat Top Tom and the Jumpcats, and the Sonny Boyer Quartet (Los Angeles). Bruce's most memorable gigs include Corcoran State Prison in California (home to Charlie Manson and Sir Han Sir Han) national tours with Strangeways, Nudestock at the Riverboat Nudist Camp, and Tropical Heatwave in Ybor City, FL. The wildest gig for Bruce was in south central L.A. while leading a jazz quintet. Eleven LAPD officers ran into the bar with their guns drawn. The cops barged in and searched under the tables and kicked bathroom doors open as Bruce kept the band playing flawlessly never missing a single note. They found their suspect hiding under a van in the back parking lot. The officers were seen leaving the bar bopping their heads and snapping their fingers to the beat.
frank alvarez Frank Alvarez – Vocals, Guitar, Bass and Percussion

Frank Alvarez – Vocals, Guitar, Bass and Percussion
Frank was born in Havana, Cuba and immigrated to the U.S. in the mid 60's. He got interested in music when his older sister brought home a record called 'Rubber Soul' by the Beatles. Since then his fascination with music has never ceased. He abandoned the drums after the landlord threatened to evict them from their apartment and picked up the bass guitar, whose volume could be controlled. He grew up in New Jersey across from Manhattan and was exposed to many cultures and many forms of music, hence his ability to go from one genre to the next. He formed his first band in high school and after a few transformations and lot's of practice found themselves playing at local parties, sweet sixteens and weddings. Frank was singing along to his bass playing and eventually joined another playing the club circuit. After many years, many bands, many trials, reality hits you and you find yourself wanting to settle down and start a family. He moved to Florida in 2001 to escape the fast, stressful city life and to concentrate on raising his family. His passion and joy for music has never diminished and he's always kept playing in one form or another. In 2013 Frank brought his musical experience and knowledge to Big Night Out.

Keith Green – Trumpet & Vocals
Born in Asheboro, N.C. Keith started playing trombone in 6th grade, two years later was first in the state. In the 11th grade he switched to trumpet. After High School Keith spent next 4 years at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Mass. After College he traveled around the US with various jazz bands for 4 years until Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus hired him as Conductor/Trumpeter/Arranger. He planned to stay one year for the money. After 28 years and three ex-wives he had toured the country and much of the world. For the last three years he has lived in Venice, FL. Staying busy writing music, sailing and playing in five different bands in the area. Keith is planning to move to the Dominican Republic to explore and sail the Caribbean. When asked what his craziest event was he responded, marrying his third ex-wife (never again). Keith can get quite animated and goofy on stage and can play trumpet like no one else. He likes ostriches and they like him.
Luis Alberto Rodriguez – Drums and Percussion
Born in Cuba, he began playing percussion at 10 years old – timbales, drums, bongos.  When asked about who were his biggest influences,  he didn’t have one particular musical inspiration…he said he was born with a love of music and always loved to play. His first gig in Cuba was at 19 years old, when he played with big bands in night clubs. At 23  he moved to Miami where he played with several Latin bands, including recording with Chekoere. He moved to Sarasota where he plays with local Latin flavored dance bands including Latin Fusion and Big Night Out.
Braulio Gonzalez - Percussion
Born in the Bronx, NY, he moved to Cuba as a child. He began playing Cuatro at age eight.  At nine years old he performed at large concerts in Bayamo, Cuba. At age 18 he started playing percussion and moved to New York City where he performed with Salsa bands, including performances at the Inter- American University. He moved to Sarasota in 2000 where he performs regularly with church bands, and plays with the local Latin flavored dance bands Latin Fusion and Big Night Out.
tony sheppard Tony Sheppard – Guitar
Tony is a Florida native, born in Sarasota. He started playing guitar when he was 12 years old and was inspired by the Beatles, Doors, Cream and other 60's bands. Besides Big Night Out, Tony is the guitarist with Strangeways, a Florida based ska band that has toured nationally and is coming out with their 3rd CD. When asked, "what was your funniest musical experience" Tony recalled a gig with Strangeways on Treasure Island in St. Petersburg, FL. During the 1st set his van caught on fire. Tony dashed out in-between sets as smoke was billowing out of the front window. The Fire Dept. put the fire out and told him not to drive the van back home. Tony drove the burned out van back to Sarasota, without a front seat. He currently teaches guitar to 70 students around Sarasota, the only requirement is each student must carry a portable fire extinguisher at all times, in case Tony combusts.
Paul Cartwright – Drums
Paul is Big Night Out's drummer extordinare. He is from England where he played drums around England in various night club and show bands. In Sarasota, he has performed with several bands including small jazz groups, big bands, and is currently performing with Big Night Out and Vine Street Rumba Band. He can be very witty, especially his trombone jokes, which the trombone player does not appreciate.


Max Kelly – Percussion
Growing up just outside Chicago, Max's home was constantly filled with the sounds of Dixieland jazz from the radio, and live bluegrass music from the frequent jam sessions led by his brother, a banjo player. Max's love for music was cemented when he was 8 and his mom took him to see a performance of the Preservation Hall Jazz Band. Max's father, an artist and commercial photographer, further nurtured his musical interest by giving him LPs of african drumming and asking him to listen to the complexity of the polyrhythms. With exposure to Chicago's diverse music scene, Max soon became interested in afro-cuban and brazilian music and got his first pair of congas when he was 14. At 15 he tasted of the thrill of performing when he accompanied his buddies' high school rock band on renditions of The Rolling Stones' Symapathy For The Devil and Santana's Black Magic Woman. A few years later, Max went to Madrid to work and study and was exposed to the Cante Jondo style of flamenco music and Palmas (rhythmic hand clapping). While living in Maine in the late 90s, Max would escape the long winters by living and working in Vieques, Puerto Rico, where he got to witness the depth and cultural importance of Afro-Cuban music. This spring he visited Havana, Cuba, the crown jewel of the afro-caribbean music scene. Although Big Night Out tends to occupy his evenings, Max usually mananages to crawl out of bed each morning to perform his duties as a freelance graphic designer and photographer. He also enjoys woodworking and fabricates cajon drums.


Joni Adno – Lead Vocal and Keyboard
Music has always been a huge part of Joni’s life. Her dad was a drummer and a tenor singer. She began her singing career at age 5 on her front steps singing for whoever walked by and pretending she was singing with Ricky Nelson. She has studied piano from the age of 6 and has her degree in Music Education from the University of North Florida. Joni has been performing around SW Florida performing Flamenco with Isabel DuBrocq’s Rumba Flamenca and Bossalero. Joni also sings and plays piano with Big Night Out.

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